Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Closing Down

I apologize, but I think I'm going to have to shut this blog down and stop updating it! Something's come up in my life that keeps me too busy to follow the game with the frequency I'd like. Also, EWO is updating his official blog more frequently and keeping up with new developments and a walkthrough, one of my initial concerns. Visit some of the fan sites linked to the right, such as bruce's Oculus wiki, to continue the adventure with other ARGers. Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but I think it's better to make the announcement than just go MIA one day!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Faith visits Gibsonton

Faith today shared pictures and five different videos from her visit to Gibsonton, Florida. "Gibtown" is home to many carnival and circus workers during the off-season. This popularity is due to the town's generous zoning laws that allow circus animals and trailers to be kept on resident's property (more info).

Faith spoke with Kriel about his childhood and memories of the town. They then met with a man named Huston, who spoke at length about how the traveling shows followed special signs to their next destination.

Faith then received a tarot reading from Madam Steph. She predicted that Faith was just starting a long journey that would take her to other countries. The journey is to have an impact on the whole world.

Faith also revealed the tattoo which was mentioned in the missing person flyer.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Faith Leaving & Her Roadtrip

It appears from updates to both VixTattoos.com and FaithArella.com that Faith has decided since getting her check that she really does have to "follow her visions" and leave Miss Vix's tattoo parlor. She talks about how she has started seeing the symbols day and night again "exploding in her mind". She is concerned about her foster parents being hurt, though she does confide in us that Gary used to hate her for drawing the symbols on the walls and locked her in the house for days as punishment.

In her 8/8 entry, she talks about how she was tipped off about DVJ Kriel (and the connection with the symbols), and how she is going to Tampa to see him in concert.

At around the same time, it appears that the Oculus itself also updated with flashback images, this time from DJ Kriel's own life. To figure out how to open it, the official OcularEffect.com site has a good picture walkthrough (the idea is to click on the new symbol and then match the symbol that is Kriel's tattoos from the mess of runes that opens up).

On 8/9, she posts a video from her roadtrip.

One last update, she also now has a Contact Me link for emailing her.

Shaze has some great screencaptures of all the new videos, for those having problems; be sure to check it out (screencap above is one of his)!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Comic Con Temporary Tats & DVJ Kriel

OcularEffect.com gave another recap of recent updates, and added some pictures that people sent from Comic Con. People were given temporary tattoos of one of Faith's symbols (apparently only one type, as shown here).

Also, one person is holding up a CD that was given out. This CD was by a real life DJ who calls himself DVJ Kriel, who has a page HERE (thanks, bkester!). Don't have a lot of time to check out the entire site right now, but there is a video on "How to DVJ" I'll comment on later. He uses the same rune as his symbol.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Faith Arella Update -- $20,000 Check

Faith Arella's blog got an update. Apparently, after Miss Vix posted the newspaper article about her, a lawyer found them both in a coffee shop. She had been left $20,000 by an unknown individual, which was to be given to her before her 18th birthday; and a mysterious note that said to "Follow your visions". We also find out in this entry that her foster parents' names are Gary and Joy, and that she feels they "sold me to the Bethlehem Conservatory".

Monday, July 31, 2006

Vix Posts "Article of Faith"

Miss Vix has kindly posted a scan of a newspaper article about Faith.

Permanent link to post - "Article of Faith"

One immediate open question: The news article mentions that "Faith isn't covered in tattoos herself", yet the missing persons flyer says she does have tattoos.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Faith Arella Update - First Video

Faith has posted a video on her blog. This looks like it is going to be a regular feature for her to show us her artwork and photos.

Permanent link to post - "My first video from work"

Direct video download - tattooparlorintro.mov (1.69 MB)

Late night addendum: Strangely enough, I've spotted one area where the tattoo design was digitally smudged-out on the video (see the red highlighted area). At one point, Faith even appears to look directly at it. Open her video, zoom in, and take a look for yourself.