Monday, July 31, 2006

Vix Posts "Article of Faith"

Miss Vix has kindly posted a scan of a newspaper article about Faith.

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One immediate open question: The news article mentions that "Faith isn't covered in tattoos herself", yet the missing persons flyer says she does have tattoos.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Faith Arella Update - First Video

Faith has posted a video on her blog. This looks like it is going to be a regular feature for her to show us her artwork and photos.

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Direct video download - (1.69 MB)

Late night addendum: Strangely enough, I've spotted one area where the tattoo design was digitally smudged-out on the video (see the red highlighted area). At one point, Faith even appears to look directly at it. Open her video, zoom in, and take a look for yourself.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Minor Items...

No big updates yet...

EDIT, Late evening 7/27: They have redirect to a new cover page now (no new info, all hand-holding review for newcomers) at The 'MISSING' poster for Faith has been removed (saved here, see below entry).

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ocular Effect Site Update &

In other news, updated today.

  • A page for "new visitors" was added, with explicit instructions for reaching the Oculus (repeats walkthrough in blog).

  • A bio for Professor Kane Winthrop was also added. The ARG appears to be well-written, with lots of esoteric real life references, such as to brane theory, ayahuasca, and other bizarre terms (Pandora has started a Glossary of Unusual Terms on the forums; some of the definitions are quite interesting). Previously, the site's owner identified himself as "Richard (Dick) Wiseman", but references to that name have been removed.

  • At least some of the moderators have been at work in the forum section, adding new subforums, and moving posts around.

This site was also found (thanks, Melissa182):
Shown is a "Missing Persons" poster for Faith, nailed to a post (significantly, she was last seen with Jeremy Hill). This page links to several other "introductory" pages, such as EWO's blog. Note that her 18th birthday is coming up (a birthday significant to nephilim); may be a turning point in the story.

Last seen: September 7, 2004 in Bethlehem, CT
Born: Sept 7th, 1988
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'?"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Other marks: Tattoos
Clothing: Last observed wearing maroon and gold school uniform
Faith was last seen at the Bethlehem Conservatory on the evening of her 16th birthday. Her disappearence was sudden and without warning. She is believed to have left the school with fellow student Jeremy Hill. Faith has tattoo markings of unknown origin on her body.

If you have any information concerning Faith's whereabouts or activities, please contact Bethlehem [Cut Off]

ABC "Fallen" Premieres

Well, the two-hour Fallen movie premiered today. None of the ARG's characters or settings were directly mentioned, though one character did have an angel tattoo on her back, and the main character had one of the symbols seen in the ARG on his wrist. Also, one of the characters looked up a website on nephilim (half angel, half man), but I didn't catch the URL (this website may not exist in real life, but keep an eye out for it).

There was an advertisment for the ARG after the credits. Here is a transcript of the ad:

Now that you've seen the movie, Fallen, go to and go beyond the movie into the world of Fallen. In a quest for truth, one girl's future is in your hands. Gather the clues. Uncover the secrets. Expose an ancient mystery. Then, next summer, the journey continues. Fallen - the six-hour televeision event - only on ABC Family.

This has led to speculation that the ARG may perhaps run until summer 2007. The movie will, of course, remain an important source for the world mythology that the ARG is built upon. There was a short promotion at the end of the movie for the ARG with a link to the startpoint, however I did not notice any new clues. Please comment if you noticed something new.

Also, EWO's blog updated with something of a walkthrough (similar to what is shown in our blog's previous entries).

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Fallen Story

I'll be honest, I would probably never watch this movie (not usually a "family channel" kinda person) had it not been entwined with this ARG, but not only will I Tivo it now, I will probably help promote it. :) Whoever came up with these ideas deserves a promotion...

Apparently, the movie, which will air on the ABC Family Ch (cable sister network to ABC) this Sun 8-9PM, is based on a book series by Thomas E. Sniegoski, about a race of fallen angels, and their battle on Earth. I've heard they are giving out free copies of the book at Comic Con, and since I'm going there anyway on Saturday, I'll try and grab a few, and let you guys know if there's any hints given at the panel. If you have read or are a fan of the series, please leave a comment.

Supposedly (according to the SciFiWire story, below), the game is being built by Matt Wolf, who designed games for features like The Bourne Identity. The article also says that clues to the ARG will be embedded at the end of the Sunday broadcast.

Other links:
SciFiWire Story: Game Gives Wing To Fallen
ARGN Story: ABC Family Announces Upcoming ARG
Official ABC Family Site for Fallen

So, I'm off for the weekend, but if there are any major developments, Lostpedian is helping me update this blog.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some Supplemental Research Updates...

I and others have been doing a little background research on some of the references here:

1) Oculus means "eye" in Latin (EWO's moniker is probably a play on that). In Roman architecture, it can also refer to a round hole in the ceiling of a structure, something of a skylight for observing celestial bodies, opening up the interior to the elements of weather (drains in the floor). The most famous of these is in the roof of the Pantheon of Rome, which was used as a sun observatory. Not sure if this has any tie-ins with the Julius Caesar quote, but it does seem to tie with the angelically themed story of "Fallen". I'm still not finding a lot of specific references to what EWO is talking about on his front page--that he 'is familiar with the oculus' in occult terms.

2) There is a real life Dr. Richard Wiseman, who studies paranormal psychology and is best known for his investigations of people with unusual visionary abilities, featured in a Discovery Channel special,
The Girl with X-Ray Eyes. It is unknown if this is coincidence or a reference, though it is unlikely he is behind the character blogger, EWO.

3) A few people seem to believe that the symbols Faith is shown drawing or tattooing (that come from her dreams) are an ancient "angelic alphabet" called enochian (thanks, auroralightwing), first popularized in the 1500s by two occultists named John Dee and Edward Kelley. They were convinced that the language was 'revealed to them divinely'. The symbols do bear some similarity, though not all match 100%. However, it does appear to fit with the theme of angels from the show, again.

4) No one seems to be able to find the newspaper article Faith Arella references yet (if it is truly online).

5) Arella means 'angel messenger' in Hebrew (thanks, Lostpedian).

6) No leads on cracking the Bethlehem Conservatory password yet. Some people are trying to find the other alumni on the list, see comments from yesterday's longest entry. No one to date has been able to get a reply from writing the emails to the Conservatory, but it appears I was wrong; not all the emails are getting returned with the "sender not found".

7) There is a real life "Long Meadow Pond" in Bethlehem, CT, which is also nicknamed "Christmastown" by the locals.

8) Lostpedian found a YouTube video uploaded by a guy named john4121: CLICK HERE to view. It's a video of a girl (sounds British) sitting at a computer, checking out the OE countdown, but interestingly enough, it was uploaded on July 3rd, more than a week before the site was known to be publicized. The exchange seems stilted and not spontaneous, and it seems like a boring thing to make a first (and only) video about for YouTube, leading us to believe that this is an ad for the ARG.

9) Bruce has set up an Oculus Wiki HERE, to keep characters, places, etc. from the storyline straight. Let's all work to keep details updated and accurate.

Keep up the good work guys, and keep looking for clues.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Faith Arella's Blog

A new blog was found at According to /whois information, it was registered on July 16, before the name was made public.

There are 3 entries so far. She talks about working for Miss Vix, overcoming meeting "bad people" in her past, and her tattoo art (the symbols, she says, come to her in dreams). She says that "they wrote a newspaper article about me" but no one has been able to locate something like this on the internet to date. She jokes (?) she "is a witch or something".

In her last entry, she complains about "Sickos"... in particular, about a man who wants a doll tattooed on his private parts, which she absolutely refuses to do.

Startpoint: Spheres, Dials, Miss Vix & The Bethlehem Conservatory

The starting point for this ARG appears to be:

...where "Fallen" is advertized.

If you click on the sphere in the lower corner, it takes you to:

The line at the top is in Latin, and is a quote by Julius Caesar (thanks, Ty), to mean:

Generally human beings believe what they want to believe

The 'blog' is written by someone named "Richard (Dick) Wiseman", who calls himself "AKA Eyes Wide Open". He seems to believe his site is being hacked by someone unknown to him, who is rerouting it to the following site:

The numbers in the URL could be interpreted as the start of the much overhyped mathematical Fibonacci series (which make an appearance in other popular mystery fiction, such as The DaVinci Code, "LOST", and the movie Pi).

"EWO" says he has tried everything, even contacting the FBI. In frustration he is "calling for others to help him" on his blog. He talks about being familiar with the oculus, which he says has to do with paranormal studies and is the subject of his own site, but he does not go into detail.

For some time, nothing showed there except a countdown clock. The countdown finally ended on 7/17, and we have some interesting graphics:

Click on the symbol on the smaller rotating sphere when it comes towards you (you can use your mouse to spin it around). It will place that sphere inside the larger one it is orbiting around, and open a new box with a series of 3 concentric dials. Spin the dials so that the same symbols are lined up:

The middle of the dials will light up, and take you through a series of cool graphic flashbacks, mostly of a young woman drawing symbols and associated with music.

This then takes you to the blog of a lady named Miss Vix, who runs a tattoo parlor:*

*Please note: This in the beginning directed to a MySpace account for Miss Vix, but is now changed to its own server, possibly as a guard against misleading clues popping up on MySpace, such as fake fan sites.

She recounts:

1) Tattooing the word "RIGHT" on the *left* foot of a customer.

2) Taking an accounting course.

3) Hiring a girl named Faith who does amazing "tribal work"... tattooing unique looking symbols and rune chains that are her own creation.

4) Being very proud of Faith, who is a "star" tattoo artist, gathering a lot of clients for her business. She apparently ran away from a school for gifted students called The Bethlehem Conservatory. The link she gives is:

On the website for Bethlehem, there is a login under "Community Login", but no hints on a username or password to date. There is also a list of "missing alumni" on the Alumni page. One of them is named Faith Arella. It says to email if you know where any of them are, but none of the email addresses on the site appear to be real email addresses that don't get returned.

So that's where we are right now. The premiere of the show "Fallen" seems to be scheduled for July 23rd on ABC, and may reveal more clues.

Do you think you have a good clue or lead to follow? Please post in the comments section.

First, a Little Background...

"The Ocular Effect" is an alternate reality game, supposedly connected to the TV movie "Fallen". I came across it as a fan of "The Lost Experience", another ARG sponsored for the show "LOST". I follow this ARG closely, and many of the fans have been crossing over from one to the other, and I was intrigued.

I go by the screenname 'Pandora'. Another writer will be helping me keep up with clues. We are both fans of TLEC (a fan-run clue site for The Lost Experience), and will try to stay close to that format and model. We may add more writers on at a later point as we see fit, but we will need help from everyone, so please post comments if you think you have a lead.

This appears to be the main site of interest in the beginning:

Until 7/17, there was a countdown.