Sunday, July 23, 2006

ABC "Fallen" Premieres

Well, the two-hour Fallen movie premiered today. None of the ARG's characters or settings were directly mentioned, though one character did have an angel tattoo on her back, and the main character had one of the symbols seen in the ARG on his wrist. Also, one of the characters looked up a website on nephilim (half angel, half man), but I didn't catch the URL (this website may not exist in real life, but keep an eye out for it).

There was an advertisment for the ARG after the credits. Here is a transcript of the ad:

Now that you've seen the movie, Fallen, go to and go beyond the movie into the world of Fallen. In a quest for truth, one girl's future is in your hands. Gather the clues. Uncover the secrets. Expose an ancient mystery. Then, next summer, the journey continues. Fallen - the six-hour televeision event - only on ABC Family.

This has led to speculation that the ARG may perhaps run until summer 2007. The movie will, of course, remain an important source for the world mythology that the ARG is built upon. There was a short promotion at the end of the movie for the ARG with a link to the startpoint, however I did not notice any new clues. Please comment if you noticed something new.

Also, EWO's blog updated with something of a walkthrough (similar to what is shown in our blog's previous entries).


At 12:00 AM, Blogger auranviem said...

hi all a couple of things:
1st on the bible verses the symbol that are being tattooed look like angel script and that is in the old testament trying to check where
2nd pandora in an earlyer post you said something about the oculus and the occult that would the the Oculus Inferno? i think the translation is eye of hell..

At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Ogawa said...

No clues, just the promotion. I think it's safe to assume that, as I posted on the forum, Faith is the Internet version of Aaron.

But... Are all the sites down for you too?, Vix Tattoos, Faith Arella's blog, the Conservatory... Everything.

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Ogawa said...

Just kidding, must have been a server issue.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous PhantomOp said...

It seems that had a minor server meltdown. All the ancillary sites seem to have come back up, but the machine, which is different from the one hosting the other sites, still seems to be recovering from click overload.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger jonathannn said...

ok, look i think same as u. this ARG will problably run till 2007... but... in the schools site u see email adresses that u have to email bla bla bla. but no one have recived nothing back. so if this ARG is going to run till 2007 i bet that every one who emailed this links will recieve something back like i dont know... another clue if they do run this till 2007 i bet theyll give clues to anyone who wrote to this emails. so my sugestion is to write at least 1 email to the school, and i know they'll have to reply some day. or if the emails r fake they wont. but why would it be fake? i know they'll write, try it please. oh and this whole ARG scares me a little lol. the minimovie u see in the oculus it reminds me of THE RING je je je. if anyone saw that movie knows im right. it scares me a lil, please write the emails. and if anyone get a reply email me please at

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous megiddo said...

Hello All:

I just got a chance to see the movie today... one thing that I noticed was that Camael told Aaron that the "one" would be born when the sun was in virgo. Take a look at Faith's birthday. Could they be twins? Remember, Aarons birthday was depicted in the movie... but he was back in school. Probably early September.


At 11:26 PM, Blogger ksnow said...

hey new here so bare with me. You asked for the website address mentioned in the movie? Sorry, they did not say or show but here is a screen capture of what they did show. Hey, how do I leave a picture on here?


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